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Nurses have been a fixture of pop culture for over a century. These are five of the most memorable nurses from movies and TV.

The 5 Most Memorable Nurses on Film

Ever since Florence Nightingale became famous as a lamp-bearing beacon of hope, nurses have been a fixture of pop culture. If you’re a nurse or thinking of becoming one, you have plenty of opportunities to see your profession on the big or small screen. Nurses have been figures of romance, horror, heroism, and more in ...

Are you thinking about going to nursing school? This is how you know you’re ready.

How to Know You’re Ready for Nursing School

Deciding on a career is rarely easy. If you’re thinking about becoming a nurse, then you’ve probably spent a good deal of time wondering if the job is right for you and what it takes to get into nursing school. Deciding to become an RN is no small feat, and like any great journey, the ...

Dental laboratory technicians craft dental prosthetics for over 35 million Americans. Take a look at what they do every day.

A Guide to Dental Prosthetics

If you’re a dental laboratory technician, you’ll spend your days making prosthetics that patients will use every day to smile, speak, and express themselves. It’s a growing, necessary industry, with over 35 million Americans missing at least one tooth. This is a brief guide to the prosthetics, large and small, that DLTs make every single ...

Don’t wait until you get your degree to become a healthcare volunteer. Take action while you’re still a student.

Volunteer Opportunities for Healthcare Students

One of the most rewarding aspects of becoming a healthcare professional is volunteering. Healthcare professionals have opportunities to assist in tragedies and disasters, go abroad to serve poorer populations, or help low-income people at home. Lending your skills to those most vulnerable and assisting in dire situations where you’re needed most is often a highlight ...

One pair of married nurses met at Ameritech. Learn how Brooke and Dax met in our nursing program and are building a life together.

Love, Ameritech Style

Many couples meet while they’re in college, and Ameritech has been the venue for its share of meetings. Brooke and Dax Draper met in Ameritech’s nursing program. Both had been in healthcare prior to deciding to become nurses, both wanted to finish fast, and they are now working at a Nevada hospital. This is their ...

Peter Shull has a unique perspective of Ameritech. Find out about his experience as both a DLT student and instructor.

Interview With Dental Lab Tech Instructor Peter Shull

Peter Shull has been on both sides of Ameritech’s classrooms. He started as a student, studying at Utah’s only accredited Dental Laboratory Technician program, and then entered the workforce as a lab tech. He loved the job, but after getting an offer to become an instructor at Ameritech, he went back to his former college ...

Becoming an RN is just the beginning. Getting your BSN opens up new avenues in the world of nursing.

How to Get Your BSN

Becoming an RN is just the beginning. More and more nurses are getting their bachelor of science in nursing degrees (BSN degrees). Greater education for nurses has been a goal throughout the profession, most notably from 2010’s report from The Institute of Medicine called The Future of Nursing. That report laid out the aspirations for ...

Florence Nightingale founded modern nursing well over a century ago, but her teachings nevertheless remain relevant.

Florence Nightingale Teachings We Take to Heart

If you’re a nurse, then you’re the beneficiary of a long legacy of care. The most prominent figure of that legacy is Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing. Medical science has advanced since Nightingale’s day, but many of the values, ideas, and teachings she advocated for are still applicable today. These are a few ...

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